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The Somalian

For you budding 50 cents out there

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Got this message some of you guys might aswell sign up

Hi there – Dunno if this is your thing, we’re trying to really push the UK MC & Rap scene and get all the talent out there to as large an audience as possible. We’re now accepting entries for what we hope will be the largest ever online National Rap & MC competition. All abilities welcome. Show us what you got. It’s split into 10 regions with prizes and sponsors coming in all the time. We already have a grand prize worth £3,500 in music, video, photo shoot, website and promo. If you’re up for it you’ll find all the entry info here - www.mqusic.com/competitions/69/entries/170/?promo=22 , or message me back. Entry is free - No diss, No hate Just Talent !!!

Please help us to support the Urban music scene by sharing the message above or tweeting the message below

http://t.co/68FNdXT UK Online Rap & MC Comp - Please support the urban music scene – check out the link and reshare

Cheers Mqusic

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yh might jump in dis i been lazy, but not even 4 the win, just 2 kick myself up da backside 2 start doin sumfin agen

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