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Mame Biram Diouf

DMX - Last Hope

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Damn, I went through it again
After telling everybody I wouldn't do it again
I kinda feel like I let my people down (yup)
But to get them right, I got's to pick myself up (come on)

Looked in the mirror, didn't like what I saw, (uhh)
All I could say was: ahh man shit gotta change (forreal!)
Even get it right and take one to the brain (blam!)
... and the pain that I went through daily, (woooh)
Tryna stay sane through the rain, y'all hear me
I'm slippin', fallin', can't get up
But this time I'm outta control, I don't give a fuck!

I just begun, to get started, with the hardest part of it all
Is to climb a slippery wall and, still don't fall
Break down and call up to God, when it get to hard
I know you ain't gonn' let me go now!!(please) You brought me too far
Showed me I was as a star, all my life
I know it, all it right, before I, call it a night
I'mma thank you for it all, the blessings and the curses
And I hope you listening, there's a lesson in the verses

Some real shit man

Guy has been through it in the last years, just wish he never got caught up in them drugs but I don't judge him for that

Just wish he could break free from the drugs and come back and drop one more DISGUSTING album


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:( @ what has happened to X

That vid of him going into that court and seeing the tv crew there is some real sad shit, the look of hopelessness in his face says it all.

Guy remains one of my fav ever artists though. 3, arguably 4 undeniable classic albums.

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