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free xbox live for 1 month

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taken from hot uk deals


Found this method to get one month free. ONLY for silver accounts:

Go onto the dashboard. Sign in on your silver account.

Scroll to the apps section and open Internet explorer. It will say you need gold.

Press get gold.

Click the first option then you will find tiles of various pricing and lengths of membership.

Hit no thanks and you'll be offered a one month trial.

It requires a payment method. It will also activate auto renewal - be sure to deactivate or you will be charged £5.99 a month afterwards. Also, it states this is for new accounts only - ignore this - it does work on accounts that have previously had gold.

aint tried it just passin it on

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been doing it for the past 2 months

would have let you all in on it but certain guys want to get snarky every time I post exploits/freebies.


change your location to usa/canada and create a silver account from your console if you don't get the option for a 1 month trial.

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