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The Somalian

If this was you?

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How would you handle this situation? 


A Japanese man, now 60, was born to a wealthy family, but was switched at birth with another child born 13 minutes earlier. As a result, he missed out on a college education and grew up in poverty.

The man, who should have grown up with his three true biological brothers, instead was raised by a mother who had to rely on welfare aid to support him and his two siblings. He eventually became an unmarried truck driver. 
He only learned of the mistake last year when his biological brothers had DNA tests done on their older brother because he looked nothing like them. They then checked hospital records and identified the 60-year-old man as their true biological brother.
A Tokyo district court this week ordered the hospital where the man was born to pay him more than $300,000 in damages for the error.
Hospital officials confessed he'd been switched with another baby boy born just 13 minutes earlier.



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The man had to study at night-school while working day shifts in a factory before finding steady employments as a driver with a transport company. He never married and helps take care of three men who are not his brothers, including one who has suffered a stroke.


Meanwhile, the infant that was given to the man’s biological parents was born 13 minutes later at the San-Ikukai Hospital, in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward, and grew up in relative affluence.

The boy had a personal tutor, went to university and is the head of a successful real estate company. His three other brothers work for major companies, according to media reports.


fack... life really is a lottery man.

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