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  1. Skam!

    R.I.P George Jefferson

    damn... RIP
  2. Skam!

    "I'm a sucker for......."

  3. Skam!

    hiphop Ultra Violent Hip Hop

    [media=] [/media]song itself aint ultra violent, but the video is
  4. Skam!

    hiphop Whats on your hip-hop playlist?

  5. Skam!

    hiphop CHIEF KEEF

    [media=] [/media]don't sleep
  6. Skam!

    London Poverty Profile 2011

    very interesting this here, thanks.
  7. Skam!

    That dry African palm!

  8. Skam!

    France v Sweden & Ukraine v England

    england are horrible to watch.
  9. Skam!

    Are you proud to be British?

    da f*ck? the reprecussions of this rape, pillaging and colonialism is still felt in the African continent today; and while i don't speak for all africans, the wise ones never live for today, always tomorrow which is why you'll always see african children back home in their books.
  10. Skam!

    Are you proud to be British?

    Got the exact opposite actually; was told back when I was in Ghana, "no matter what part of the world you find yourself in THIS is your home."
  11. Skam!

    Good Restaurant Thread?

    Nice. Must check it out!