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  1. james00

    Rating Chicks

    this must be some sort of haram
  2. Nah, i swear Donald Trump doesn't rate anyone FFS
  3. Maybe because they are both British and he didn't see his self as such. Maybe he wanted to deny Tyrone's future Becky's.
  4. Don't know if he's Muslim or not but what is it with blax and emotionally appealing to this sand religion? It just seems so weak man.
  5. If your team's shit and you're bottom of the table facing relegation, no problem pointing out your team's shit.
  6. Nah i do agree on some of Tommy's views of the intolerance that runs through Islamic ideology. But the way these right wingers report on Islam is like they bait and prod for a story and when they get one they sell the reactions as if it's some everyday occurrence.
  7. They hyper exaggerate the truth though. They take their experiences of activism critiquing and prodding and paint them as normal. That's the problem with being an activist/journalist. They also rely on blind popularism.
  8. I hate this type of right wing fear mongering journalism. Look guys their are lions in this cage (sticks hand in cage) OH MY GOD GUYS LOOK HOW VIOLENT THEY ARE!
  9. someone mix tape meme that.
  10. james00

    2017 Hot Summer

    I have no sympathy for the man dem playing game of thrones on road (please carry on) but when someone innocent gets caught in the crossfire it makes me sick. How do some of you blacks glorify black music that depicts violence (mostly against other blacks) but then wanna get on social media talking some we gotta end this stabbing culture? Look in the music thread, enough of you guys get a hard on for di war barz.
  11. dont see the problem with banging a bit of a.i. Sex dolls combined with VR porn and augmented reality could be a madness still.
  12. Niggerly bears and nigglets.
  13. james00


    Absolutely in public areas. Only private areas should have the rights to a strict dress code.
  14. james00


    obviously mate, you're a fascist. The subjectivity of a brown women going to a cosplay dressed as a ninja and my tax money going to police to make sure it actually is a ninja costume and not a burka is annoyingly Orwellian. Cons definitely out weight the pros for me here.
  15. james00


    Sharia law absolutely should be banned. A nation should concentrate on assimilating people to current ideals not their laws otherwise you end up with little area's of Pakistan. Banning the burka is a threat to human freedoms, don't really wanna see police undressing Zainab in the street.
  16. still looking for him and aparently there is a 1million dollar reward to who ever finds him.
  17. http://heavy.com/news/2017/04/stevie-steve-stephens-cleveland-facebook-live-video-shooting-shooter-gunman-killer-photos-pictures-victims/ wtf man
  18. R.I.P South Korea. A lot of good films and street fighter players came out of there.
  19. Jesus Christ re-imagined inshallah Allah. please be april fools.
  20. Wait are you saying the entire outside ring of Antarctica is manned?
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