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  1. M.Dot

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Was looking for this thanks
  2. M.Dot

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Just this morning I was wondering what was going on with this guy
  3. M.Dot

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    How do you man score rounds I only recently started getting into boxing deeply but don't usually focus on scoring rounds On second watch (with the sound off) GGG was landing more for the majority of the rounds, but it was with more of an amateur point scoring style. Canelo's work looked cleaner with more intent behind the shots. If I'm looking at it from the style Golovkin was fighting with then I'd say he won more rounds, but still no robbery. Not really looking to see a 3rd fight right now
  4. M.Dot

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    I thought Canelo won, see some man talking about bigger GGG robbery than the 1st fight
  5. M.Dot

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Any streams tonight, looking for a link
  6. M.Dot

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    He said not Mikey. Expecting it to be someone underwhelming.
  7. M.Dot

    hiphop Bugzy Malone

    "Bugzy Malone.... that aint it bruh" 🤣
  8. M.Dot

    hiphop Bugzy Malone

    Watching a Boxing stream & heard about this performance lol.
  9. M.Dot

    thfc The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread

    They'll (NFL games) all be @ Wembley
  10. M.Dot

    cfc The Official Chelsea Thread

    Most of that Arsenal defensive line were clueless against that press. Painful to watch (Arsenal look to have a lot of work to do still - as usual - without the ball).