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  1. General Boxing Thread

    Was clear AJ's trainer didn't want none either after the Parker fight, and to be fair he's definitely not ready anyway. Only the UK public are buying the stalling tactics by Hearn at the moment, would be a good surprise to see this fight come through before a Povetkin deal.
  2. General Boxing Thread

    Again a US card not shown on UK tv, nowhere to watch Leo Santa Cruz vs Abner Mares / Charlo vs Trout.
  3. General Boxing Thread

    Not a Frank Warren event without it kicking off in the crowd. Never forget seeing man rolling down the stairs outside the copperbox Tyson realising there's more action going on outside the ring than in it.
  4. The Music Video Thread

    For the first time I just passed over a Giggs track, without a thought of potentially missing a tune I might enjoy. The two posts above were my thoughts/expectation before I got to this page.
  5. Pre World Cup Friendlies

    Spain v Switzerland This is today (8pm)
  6. Football League Play Offs 2018

    What era was this? 2006-18?
  7. Random News

    I remember that guy from this program. Got caught pretty swiftly.
  8. On this day 10 years ago...

    Was thinking of this guy a few weeks ago when listening to Troopz
  9. General Boxing Thread

    lol another draw for Badou Jack. Thought he done enough to get the win, props to old man Stevenson had Badou struggling for a minute with the body shots.
  10. General Boxing Thread

    Gary Russell Jr not televised over here?
  11. General Boxing Thread

    Not sure how any judge had him winning. The way that split was mad. OD match not televised they need to put him out again asap.
  12. The Music Video Thread

    You can't compare this with R.A.
  13. Official Twitter Thread

    Piers Morgan is a funny guy. If Giggs was up there, halfway through the "debate" he'd drop 'so why were you in jail?' and turn the whole thing sideways. That show's not a place to go and have a debate, Piers would drop a point to make you look foolish, talk over you so you don't get a fair chance to respond or even be heard, and end the whole segment whilst you're still trying to get your shit off in the background. Then you'd just have to sit on that L. Right thing for Giggs to avoid.
  14. Next Arsenal Manager

    Who the fuck is that? Might have some explaining to do.
  15. Week 37 - 17/18 Premier League

    He did still get brought on in like 3 games in the last few minutes to get a medal after the title was secured that invincible season. lol how can he not summarise at the end of all that, leave people stewing on that question about finding Mental health funny, I went to find the full article thinking there must have been more, but there wasn't.