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  1. RSGs on radar radio live

  2. The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    Had to see more
  3. Carragher spits at 14 year old girl

    [Tay Roc]That's light[/Tay Roc]
  4. Westside Gunn & Conway

    Is it me or is it difficult to get hold of some of their music?
  5. January 2016 story: February 2017 story:
  6. Losing wont get rid of him either.
  7. General Boxing Thread

    Good night of boxing.

    To be reviewed lol. Don't be fooled lads. Not until it's on Arsenal.com, like everything else.
  9. That turn and finish was hard.
  10. Arsenal vs City on Thursday a part of MD28 also.
  11. Work & Life

    I do think you probably could have worded your email differently tbh. But your manager is a poor one if they can't provide a suitable alternative on how you could have put it. You could have added the exact same points in your email without giving them the opportunity to call your email rude or abrupt, and still highlighting the lack of engagement at that point so far which would have put the focus on those people who weren't doing what they should have. If they are trying to push you out, they'll definitely use things like your email to target you, I would say you should try & alter your responses without changing yourself and maintaining your own integrity - which can be done, but it's not easy if your on your own in there tbh(I've seen and been involved in this in the past)... I have more to add but I'm about to be late for work myself. TBC
  12. Paul Pogba

    Nothing wrong with that response.