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  1. M.Dot

    thfc The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread

    They'll (NFL games) all be @ Wembley
  2. M.Dot

    cfc The Official Chelsea Thread

    Most of that Arsenal defensive line were clueless against that press. Painful to watch (Arsenal look to have a lot of work to do still - as usual - without the ball).
  3. M.Dot

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    You don't like Whyte at all?
  4. M.Dot

    afc Arsenal 2018/19

    Made this look quite stale in comparison
  5. M.Dot

    afc Arsenal 2018/19

    ­čśĽ ....Drills? Players must be baffed.
  6. M.Dot

    Round of Last 16

    Brought me flashbacks of playing Snes, the curl on the ball in the intro...
  7. M.Dot


  8. M.Dot

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    I don't mind AJ fighting Povetkin, we all know Joshua's not ready yet, Wilder did well to get this far tryna flush AJ/Hearn out cos they definitely didn't want that fight before Wilder started screaming for it. Still hoping that fight can get made as the one directly after.
  9. M.Dot

    hiphop Battle Rap Topic

    Where would/should a URL event be held in the UK? What type of crowd would it attract?
  10. M.Dot

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Anyone watch Taylor vs Postol? Cards were WIDE
  11. M.Dot

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Was clear AJ's trainer didn't want none either after the Parker fight, and to be fair he's definitely not ready anyway. Only the UK public are buying the stalling tactics by Hearn at the moment, would be a good surprise to see this fight come through before a Povetkin deal.
  12. M.Dot

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Again a US card not shown on UK tv, nowhere to watch Leo Santa Cruz vs Abner Mares / Charlo vs Trout.
  13. M.Dot

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Not a Frank Warren event without it kicking off in the crowd. Never forget seeing man rolling down the stairs outside the copperbox Tyson realising there's more action going on outside the ring than in it.
  14. M.Dot

    The Music Video Thread

    For the first time I just passed over a Giggs track, without a thought of potentially missing a tune I might enjoy. The two posts above were my thoughts/expectation before I got to this page.
  15. M.Dot

    Pre World Cup Friendlies

    Spain v Switzerland This is today (8pm)