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  1. It's an illuminati trick to see who don't wear the gay laces.
  2. Carragher can't win after GNevs introduction. He should give it a rest and be a coach for Liverpool
  3. Adler Lahm Kompany Mertersacker Digne Ozil Pogba Martinez Messi Ronaldo Falcao
  4. What do you mean out mate? Good to see few Sports room regulars around with that passion for discussion!
  5. Bayern and Arsenal in the final Liverpool to do the swans tonight. My heart wants the swans to do the Liverpool tho.
  6. Cracking start from Liverpool. Reserve judgement until January
  7. Can't believe we got him Get in lads!
  8. God knows how Shelvey ever made it into a Premier League starting 11.
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