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  1. Unbelievable he's not even close to being an iRA operative he wanted peace and held talks with all sides to help bring the good Friday agreement into place
  2. Yougov was started from a Tory supporter/voter. Jeremy Corbyn won't call a no confidence vote in the government till he has enough support mainly from dup till then he's playing it smart by calling a vote of no confidence in Theresa May and will lose to show what turncoats the 117 who voted against in the vote of no confidence from her own party mps.
  3. Alan sugar just fuck out of the country you parasite as Jeremy Corbyn just wants you to pay your taxes.
  4. Do not take Tory owned polling companies serious. The only one that got the last 2 elections pretty much spot on was the survation polling last I looked they had labour ahead rightly so don't take yougov seriously they are biased
  5. General election asap Jeremy Corbyn for prime minister for a better future for many and not just the privileged few the conservatives represent
  6. Tories out labour in, it really is that simple for this country
  7. Kanye west your an absolute imbecile for making that statement as any sane person knows enslavement of black people or of any human being is not of choice
  8. Really good fight I had canelo winning by a couple rounds landed more cleaner power punches to body and head and showed he can take a punch too.
  9. Looking forward seeing the gunners continuing r momentum against Newcastle and hopefully cech won't try and play it out as he can't do that for shit
  10. Never been a fan of the British traditional fish and chips then wen I tried grimsbury fish bar I soon changed my tune absolutely lush Oxfordshire's chippy of the year 3 years on the trot which didn't surprise me.
  11. Can't believe I missed the Garcia porter fight just couldn't wake up shocked at the result expected Garcia to come out on top.
  12. Jeremy corbyn for prime minister to install some fairness and sustainability this country badly needs. Don't believe the mainstream press that he's unelectable in snap election labour was meant to be wiped out with 6 weeks of campaigning he made massive gains.
  13. Reverse the vote as it was only an advisory vote and fuck Aaron banks trying to get into the conservative fuck boy membership club. Jeremy corbyn and his social policies made me become a labour member for the many not the conservative elite few.
  14. For me Henry, Bergkamp, Zola and Cantona jus their flair style of play keeps you glued to your seat.
  15. Yes has Philippine and other nationalities in her blood
  16. Always thought fat Joe was black
  17. Never been keen on capital punishment as too many innocent people have been executed so best thing is life in jail and a chance of getting out if wrongly convicted.
  18. Heatwave Britain is over unfortunately nice while it lasted though
  19. True but love island is just as bad as cbb if not worse
  20. Well said it's had it's run now its time to pull back the curtains on it as its garbage.
  21. Granted fury wanted and needed rounds but he should of at least tried and end it in spectacular style for the crowds viewing pleasure
  22. I'm back and I've learnt not to troll peeps and posts
  23. Really can't watch this garbage. ITV needs to put it on ITV4 because it won't reach peak ratings
  24. Was a boring fight between fury and the German. Not once in the fight either fighter looked liked getting knocked out.
  25. Watched the the first episode of housemates entering and thought what a load of useless bunch of people
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