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  1. suits fell off hard same shit different episode
  2. anyway talking about slavery and colonization is long because it's clear from this thread black people are actually ok with it as long as non blacks give blacks crumbs. non blacks have been using the same tricks on the blacks for centuries. i will fallback and lurk in the thread
  3. you see this is the shit im talking about black people are always 2 steps behind. there is nothing positive about modern day colonization and in fact you ding on google you will find the local afican people complaining about the chinese. The chinese that have migrated to these african countries and settled will become the ruling elite while the africans will be second class citizens, this has been going on for 100s of years in east africa the arab and indians are the ruling elite in east africa. chinese are giving man crumbs while running away with the belly.
  4. how is it a reach when it''s both colonization? thing might not be as overt as the europeans, just look at the arab colonization very few black even know blacks where used for slavery. Chinese are doing bits in africa right now and as usual black people do not be bothered at all
  5. lol its modern day colonization when they are done with whatever they are doing in africa the actual fuckery that are doing will be exposed and i wont be surprised if slavery is involved
  6. people are talking about arabs and white people when chinese are doing the same in africa this very minute
  7. a daily mail writer must have jacked their account
  8. I'd say both but mostly these channels. YouTube did have it under control for awhile but looks like it's back seeing bare man hitting mills no way these numbers are organic
  9. spray has one or twp classic mixtapes but he is not a top 5 rapper. Nothing would happen if they pushed spray instead of giggs, spray has not reinvented himself he is still spitting the same old content from northstar days which is why he and his mixtapes fell off so hard.
  10. comments ratio is not wild? mate there is 60 comments in total and someone of them are even saying the video has fake views . fact is these media channels are faking views to make themselves look bigger than they are thats why for the most part when these rappers put out music for sale they are struggling to do any proper numbers.
  11. bait example of these video channels buying youtube views look at the views to comments ratio.
  12. nuts kmt they need to find a cure to these common allergies
  13. dont know if i can go vegan but want to reduce the amount of meat i eat
  14. thizz is a white he will not understand the unprofessionalism of black barbers
  15. bro made you drink acid that day how the fuck can you still be alive
  16. mate your talking about man on road converting to islam because their link is a muslim
  17. bare waffle man is talking about muslims albanians and shower posse ffs
  18. its not even young boys there are grown men with the same mentality thinking a rolex with no papers or box with a burst strap is worth 20 bags. wearing a watch as a civilian is long
  19. Man need to understand a watch with no papers or box is no lottery ticket
  20. gas there are plenty of men who are not abusive who don't mind women with kids. some women have a fetish for these abusive wasteguys im sure this isn't the first time the mother or sun has got touched. these women get into relationships with these guys fully knowing what they are getting into now a kid is dead over a pair of shoes ffs. lock her up
  21. mother needs to be locked up aswell
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