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  1. yep he is legit im always skeptical about these guys posting portfolios too many people chatting shit. But this guy is really is doing his research and has made good calls on coins months before they blow up , 2018 he is the one to watch
  2. some of them have already closed their white listing i jumped on nucleus vision. like i said on the previous page its a ico ting now
  3. yes once the new year touches im mirroring his portfolio. One guy one twitter jumped on one of his moves and ate 100 bags
  4. thats nothing the real guy to follow is the guys insta i posted that guy is pulling proper moves. he made 1m of 20 bags in 4 months
  5. who here has verge? if it blows i've gone clear
  6. not everday act woke
  7. alie caping for gang members you know
  8. christmas in jail is not easy
  9. no wonder you got issues at work
  10. sorry hun a workplace is not a twitter timeline people dont care about you or your feelings most people just want to come in do their 8 hours n leave.
  11. breads gonna do a mazza when it drops in 3 hours
  12. https://www.instagram.com/diaryofamademan/ mazzina
  13. its cus of christmas its gonna pick up again watch
  14. this cult being mainly black people have been catching corn on twitter, who here is involved?
  15. big shaq underrated? teflon underrated? cant take these d*ckheads seriously wont even press play
  16. like kemzi said in his freestyle 'your gonna die pulling a stunt like owen heart'
  17. not even jews theres even road guys with money funding some of these rappers careers that are supposed to be independent .
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