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  1. Is UK rap so shit these days that people. Are hyped over basic story telling?
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi73dw7n8s2/?taken-by=mrbuckfiddy
  3. going by the name of the twitter account and website this is comming directly from the family or someone in tottenham though
  4. https://www.starfamilynews.com/single-post/2018/05/25/The-Anonymous-Letter-received-by-Mark-Duggan-Inquest-alleging-U1-Clint-Pontons-status-as-a-paid-police-informant mazzina
  5. im already familiar with django but i fell off and havent touched python in a long time
  6. i seriously fell off who on here still programs in python/django @Grafter i know you did. I need some new material i can use to practise from any recommendations
  7. kugan is going to be eating good
  8. how you going on moves and getting killed by a pensioner needs to hold that l
  9. how are you buying your lawyer a linkup tv starter kit
  10. anyone who has a career especially as a public figure needs to delete their social media accounts and start new ones
  11. speakers corner is jokes i watch it for entertainment these hebrew israelites are something else
  12. http://news.met.police.uk/news/teenager-jailed-for-drugs-and-firearm-offences-301247 lol and smh these kids never learn, guys are going to jail thanks to streetsblogs insta likes and comments
  13. why do you always chat so much shit but the answer to this question is easy. the reason these non blacks who are bringing guns into the country are not getting nicked is because they are not stupid you wont see them bragging about guns on a linkuptv video or waiving them on snapchat. go on youtube now and insta and you will see these dumb kids waiving firearms and knives around as if this is america
  14. music 100% plays a part if you dont then you are stupid. the fact is this kind of music has always been around and made by younger but difference is now its widely and more easily accessible than ever back in the day if you wanted to hear this kind of music you had to be from ends or know what to search for to find it. people outside london now know as much as people from london what is happening in certain areas in london. stabber is on westwood talking about shooter, shooter goes next day to his estate and films it on snapchat which later ends up on youtube and streetsblogs. stabber goes to shooters estate due to peer pressure the next day and someone gets touched and the cycle continues.
  15. these woke twitter activists are not easy
  16. the climate uk music is in they should film couple video and jump on grm and linkuptv
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