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Man dem who smoke work (all junkies)

The Somalian

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my brothers are jokers still in denailnigger came to my mums on friday my brother was alseep he was banging up the door brother opened man asked him for £20 brother said he was broke and my other younger will have cash man waited on top of my road til my next bro came 2 minutes later door was being knocked asking for dough these guys still claiming my man aint a junkie loolman blatently is

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On 7/29/2009 at 9:20 PM, E.A.S.E said:

Sweet heart it happened in a small town called Dunoon, In scotland west coast. boy was named John Mcglashin his girlfriends brother was the one so yeh Duck tales yourself!

i will have you know that John was my cousin and the lad that murdered him did not do so ACCIDENTALLY cause he was on drugs. My cousin walked in on his fiance in bed with another man and an argument ensued, which would happen in any relationship. Johns fiancee called her brother and he set out to find and kill my cousin. now if it was accidental. why did he go find jon whilst taking with him a hammer and a cleaver. and after killing him tried to cut his body up, burn it and other various methods of trying to dispose of his body. These are the actions of a man who set out intentionally to kill my cousin. FFS if anybody actually knew the story, you would also know that my cousins fiance was involved in exactly the same kind of crime years earlier in england where she helped to try conceal the murder of a young asian lad who was killed carved up and then stuffed in a freezer. so all yall are on duck tales coz you dont know the full story

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