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Bioshock: Infinite

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ending is f*cked

super fucked


i'm still wrapping my head around it, been reading articles and shit http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2013/03/27/an-attempt-to-understand-bioshock-infinites-brilliant-and-bizarre-ending/


the comments offer some insightful opinions too


come like the lost ending, except it's not shit and they answered everything so yeah it's nothing like the lost ending


oh and this is the best game ever, fuck every other fps

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hmm, unless you wanna play it on the hard mode that's unlocked after/ have a look around the town on 2nd playthru then i'd say no, i have no desire to replayed it just yet 


i'd say rent and then get stuck in to the first two, bioshock 1 is a masterpiece, 2 is disappointing imo

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