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Drive Rescored By Zane Lowe - BBC3 10PM Oct 30

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Not Sure why they've done this but anyway...





BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe is leading a project by the radio station to rescore the 2011 film Drive with tracks from artists such as CHVRCHES, SBTRKT and Eric Prydz.


Lowe's ambitious project to curate an entirely new soundtrack for Nicolas Winding Refn's crime drama has received the backing from the director himself. The original score, which was revered for its pulsing retro-synth sounds and acute attention to tone and mood, featured tracks from Kavinsky, Chromatics and Desire.


Scottish trio CHVRCHES are particularly involved in the project, having contributed a brand new track called 'Get Away' for the score. In speaking to Zane Lowe about the performance, frontwoman Lauren Mayberry says: "We were really excited because musically, the kind of music in the original score fits in with what we are doing."



The film and its newly imagined soundtrack will debut on BBC3 on October 30 at 10pm GMT.


Check out the trailer below:



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Kinda strange to just replace the tracks with similar stuff.

Would be better to re-score a film to give it an entirely different vibe or work on something that didn't have as strong a soundtrack as Drive.

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Yh I flicked off redbull at 10

Was decent I have had at least 50cl of jack bean but the music seemed to work magic u nor

I also jus picked up an 8th of the silliest charge uve ever encountered but obviously that's completely irrelevant to the film but flaaa outbreak is gona be an excitable weekend

Who's comin

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