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Sitcoms dem/comedies


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What are ur favorites and favourite characters in them?

I really enjoy Brooklyn nine nine. Boyle is my favourite then captain holt


New girl - Winston is my fav


Its always sunny - Charlie but also Dennis. My favourite episodes are the ones with the McPoyles


Friends obv, timeless classic


Schitts creek, tooo funny. The brother and sister are my favs

Insecure season 3, died laughing nearly from about half way through

I think comedies are my favourite thing to watch

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British comedy is really the best

Friday night dinner is hilarious

Upstart crow - some Shakespeare spoof with david mitchell on Netflix.

Back - with the peep show guys. Also very funny

Flowers - that weird kind of dark british comedy. Funny tho


Chewing gum, ive watched so many times. She captures certain dialogue so accurately

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