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  1. pack it up b,this place is dead
  2. These type of shows don’t work anymore lol
  3. dont think he tried to leave him at all
  4. Just seen the cctv footage legit point blank range ffs like 5 cm away
  5. Boi I might need to book a holiday for the whole summer NW10 isn’t the place to be
  6. since when do u grab a man behind his neck to tell him suttin in his ear............... and fredo said" you cant do that(voice got bare low lol) ,im on live bro" ahh batty man ting dat
  7. This place is rundown now come like a ghost town during the wild wild west
  8. Smh at taking pride at being the first black British artist to headline bet he told them “ thank you” after and blacks n the justice system, in my opinion the sentencing needs to be increased for carrying and using a knife but that’s just me
  9. why are niggas driving with the front number plate sitting behind the windshield new flex?
  10. Horatio Caine


    He was like 17/18 n if you are the real African “child” u was like 27 at the time.....( dog years not included)
  11. Horatio Caine


    yeah he got chased down in his porsche
  12. Horatio Caine


    AJ'd out on a bummy day.... its always him and one or 2 guys/girls,needs to move more deep
  13. 9s got stabbed :( AJ got rocked :( jee'zu! goodnight
  14. or its just niggas being niggas😇
  15. Ahhh the 221....back then I had no need to go further than north finchley
  16. and I should have no problem with my own kind calling me that? every1 says "nigga",it basically means " man"...thank black people
  17. LOL fellow blacks and the term "nigga" let it go man
  18. Horatio Caine


    nice! I remember back in the day when he sent for skepta good times!
  19. Horatio Caine


    Tribez always getting violated
  20. Snippet soubds hard Cant wait
  21. haven't worn one since primary school,even then I just bought it because it was the " cool" thing to do
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