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  1. Do you still believe in humanity?
  2. zeezee

    Resistance 2

    yesss the achievements, and in the co-op onlineknowing your team got your back>>>>>>>>>>played online and the team was perfectly balanced between medics, soldiers, and specialistgame deserves so much more then it's getting
  3. zeezee

    Resistance 2

    this game deserved alot more hype then its gotten
  4. zeezee

    Latina girls

    Upson over Terry?
  5. errrrrrrmBRING-INS!?its in the bargain basementcheapest I seen for a mic is 19.59 in GAME
  6. Upson instead of Terry?Not even going to get into why that shouldn't happen, but it won't happen, Terry is captain.
  7. not far at all, played for like half an hour and I think I'm nearing the end of Chapter 1then played co-op online for a while, but I need a mic, could be so much better with a mic
  8. bought Resistance 2 yesterday, online co-op>>>>>>>>>>
  9. my mum went shop and hasn't come back yetbeen 4 years
  10. yeahits a stand up performance by Chris Rock
  11. bad result here and at arsenal, and chelsea will be the next "club in crisis"
  12. the abuse doesn't demoralise youbecause I heard you have to sit there and take it
  13. zeezee


    i can't winlemme guess karma
  14. zeezee


    swear people say its Karma when people do somethin wrong and get the equivelantbut what about the person they did wrong?its bullshit tbhrapist's win lotteries
  15. zeezee


    life's just a bunch of actions and their consequenceskarma and other sh*t is to just keep people in check
  16. don't want drogba to leave, when he's on it can't think of many betterbut shudn't have to say "when he's on it" about a player
  17. i buckle couple times a day coz of this
  18. zeezee


    used to get SP as a kid, thought I was crazy fr a long time and didn't tell anyone.when I learnt what it was, was no where near as terrifying, and I weren't screamin in my head like I used tojus a pressure on my chest no lingering evil presence anymore
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