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  1. Past year or so two pwople that I was close to got diagnosed with this. f*cked how when you don't know or experience it, it seems like nothing. Just some sadness, emotion, something that'll pass. Should see someone about it, or the very least talk to someone close to you, let them know. Start of 2009 my friend of mine got diagnosed with it. Past two years felt like twenty but he's finally seeing the upside to things again. Hope you got support/loyalty around you.
  2. This and FIFA 11 are tempting me back
  3. out for the season hopefully
  4. always thought battle rap and hip-hop were two different things
  5. exams in jan is alldoing things properly
  6. ima be depressed when it finishes
  7. zeezee


    deaded capricorns
  8. He played well in the champions league final if i remember correctly
  9. there are classes on this?need to look into this more
  10. lol at crashing your car and doin a runner
  11. was just reading this, sounds overly sickKillzone 2 Updated Hands-On
  12. zeezee


    where? cant find it on warez
  13. if you can find an american ip to use, look up pandora.com, used to work in England but not anymore
  14. might be wrong but you can try system restorerestore to earlier today or yesterday
  15. Going to start playing soon then
  16. zeezee

    Resistance 2

    yeah, got 2-3 so far havent even finished chapter one
  17. look at the way she's holdin the mic...
  18. off to gym soon, gym on sunday>>>>
  19. swear they all walk sideways, and seen this one thing where they make some long journey and half the crabs get run over
  20. zeezee

    Resistance 2

    thread worthy havent played gow2 yet so cant answer
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