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  1. Gambino is one of them guys who thinks he's had it worse and a "lad" like Alexander de Pfeffel will put broke, uneducated English white men first..... SMFH!
  2. Cornette drops the truth. He is logical and is a joker when he's on one. But it's embarrassing for Wrestling that a 60 year old man who's not working for them is their biggest heel smh. Njpw is shit as well. Wrestling is gone forever. The podcast are the only thing relevant. Dark side of the ring too, tbh.
  3. Very deep! I don't even watch wrestling anymore, it's so shit now. Everyone want to be a high flyer and don't know how to sell or tell stories. Always listen to podcasts by the old skool guys.
  4. 100%! He would be serving right now!
  5. Hopefully one girls brother slaps him tbh.
  6. Arsenal are shit. From top to bottom. Edu is clueless!
  7. Thinking back, this guy was a rapist and needed to be in prison. F*ck this guy and his mum!
  8. Thinking back, this guy was a racist and needed to be in prison. Fuck this guy and his mum!
  9. Average age probably late 30s tbh.
  10. Rwd/vip2 has been awesome. Who's that fat rapist that was on here again, pretending to be women and raping women with threats of exposure?
  11. I can't believe that there are people disagreeing with him. Showing their cuntness.
  12. Too bad she looks at you like "dirty blacks."
  13. The 3 months down was a killer
  14. Da Luv Doc


    Guy needs to come on vip2 to said what he means. Who has the connections?
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