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  1. Didn’t like him before - has grown on me
  2. they are going to stop selling most likely what happened with prohibition in the u.s? Exact same thing
  3. Bro pls don’t do this we know this is your name.
  4. If Michael mensah let go of this online facade he’s probs a really nice guy irl
  5. What Carlos just said. Only reason there are drug wars is because it’s legal so there high profit. Take that away and there’s nothing to fight over
  6. Mate the fuck is this fat nonce talking about
  7. From the highlighted bit which parts would you say is true/untrue
  8. Rah he's ray charlesing the ting stillll
  9. Not really with his 5 bills a day line he ain’t doing something right
  10. Not my cup of tea ator but been around for a while can’t call him a vulture really
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