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  1. Na the opposite count my blessings everyday b
  2. MGEEZ


    Co-sign every line u just said lol
  3. MGEEZ


    Dizzle shit - had to unfollow him for poor content
  4. U could have told me by now. Dunno why u always such a c*nt
  5. Can someone telll what they say he did . Ain’t got time to watch
  6. 1000 percent these man who own this site missed a trick
  7. put ur site in here again pls geeza
  8. Mate it’s 2019 datpiff yakna and actually what’s madder is she would pay more in buying cds etc than a one off streaming fee
  9. Haven’t read whole article but what’s the point / benefit?
  10. They literally made this up to distract us what’s going on with Teresa May and the brexit vote lol 101 stuff
  11. MGEEZ


    O I think we at this stage already lol
  12. MGEEZ


    Can’t see it declining. Different level to MySpace and more engagement
  13. Can’t believe these ppl so thick why did Daniel chat so much shit? Ultimately that’s what let him down - better product and more accumen than both the others
  14. Bro what u expect from internet nerds ?
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