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  1. It’s provocative...gets the ppl going
  2. Pmsl check mate have some of that u fat black nonce
  3. He shot the floor so I would say he’s defo playing about
  4. MGEEZ


    So ye going back to what I said have a little look into other issues mate and all the best @yhfam
  5. MGEEZ


    So ye lack of sleep, loss of appetite, restlessness, illness etc alongside the usually thought of thugs such as anxiety
  6. MGEEZ


    Sometimes stress doesn’t manifest itself in what peoplw would normally think (constantly thinking and worrying etc about a subject) and actually insomnia is a key indicator along with things like getting sick a lot and loss of appetite etc
  7. MGEEZ


    Never ever had this can sleep anywhere as other ppl suggested maybe look at stress as being a cause
  8. Lol bro swear ur the master of doing the above
  9. Yo lads really imagine it u have to converse with a new person for whatever reason u start with football cos that’s a typical man thing he says he doesn’t like it, same with music or whatever . Then says “ye so I’m really into researching street gangs - ye I fucking love it me. Spend a good few hours a day looking into what they get up to. Especially enjoy going at it on YouTube comments - gives me a fucking buzz. “ please dont reply to this anyone - just have a think and tell me if this happened to you In the barbershop what would your response be....
  10. MGEEZ

    Lip fillers

    U probs wouldn’t know if you’ve seen it tbf
  11. Can confirm this. Road man sparks was on a mad ting in 96
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