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  1. Ye was just thinking about that as I posted mental
  2. Blockbuster is real nostalgia. A symbol of a past era
  3. MGEEZ

    Work Rage

    / ever thought some of you just aren’t social / know how to network ?
  4. MGEEZ

    Work Rage

    This really shouldn’t make me happy but I’m really enjoying . Any more ?
  5. What about that is Kingish?
  6. Blacks in Brazil ARENT descendants of slaves nah? What are you man talking about lol
  7. What’s worse lying about going to uni or being in uni for 8 years and coming out to sign on? Tough one
  8. Imagine having to lie to strangers about being in uni mad
  9. Way too many posts for someone who’s secure in their situation ?
  10. lol At arguing with someone who dropped out of uni in 2012 and is now on the dole. Lessons have been learned today ( not by you obv as u are a dole dropout) lifes mad
  11. Pmsl geezas on the dole mate
  12. Rah ag actually broke and dusty in big 2018 ok ok
  13. I like the fact we have a change it breaks up the year nicely . 4 day week would be live and more productive I believe
  14. MGEEZ


    guys a maniac
  15. Hard work beats talent if talent don’t work hard
  16. Still all talk tho /check your dms
  17. Yes as Xmas party season nearly upon us! ?
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