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  1. not to be one of these woke type of people but i always look funny at these mega companies jumping onto social causes what is their real agenda?
  2. post gonna have to revamp grm again then. the reason it went from grime daily to grm was because of that shooting. lets see what happens
  3. is he really wrong though its carnival ffs if you are not from london or your are naive to what carnival is really about then stay at home or you will be food for the vultures this goes for men and women
  4. Congrats you put the work in
  5. the d*ckheads at his school need to splapped up for doing him dirty like that aswell
  6. actually decided to switch from python to javascript been watching few youtube videos to get familar with it but havent done anything with it so far. will dedicate this weekend to setting up a portfolio website using javascript and react lets get it!
  7. he should have got a perm before the game
  8. surprised all of them are sporting their natural hair
  9. ?? look at the faces of the white people probably thought whats wrong with these monkeys. french team playing di bangers after each game>>>>>>
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