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Madeleine Sketch Shows 'Abductor'

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Them bait vague descriptionsAverage buildAverage heightDark HairDark Clothes
they killed heri said it from the day i seen the case on the news
i dont kno the motivei just had a gutt feeling
"Oh yes, lets kill our daughter little Maddie, lolz".
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Nah i think the limelight was comming off them init, and they are just some attention whores so they made this bullshit up to go on the front pages.Bet they will be in LA or something next week doing some promotion with Beckham.

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i dont think its even them doing all this, i think it is just a distraction to cover other stories that the higher powers dont want us to notice or find out about so they just make us see maddy mccan, pete dochtery, black teens, britney spears and linsey lohan everyday for the last 2years

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getting desperate, thing is tho, ive read in the paper of people whos kids have been gone for years and they just get forgot aboutanyone seen a thing in america about a girl who got abducted when she wasa kid and escaped from him about 15 years later. cant see it happening in this case, but i can see why they want to keep up the media thing
lol. i can see it now on the news in 20 years time "maddie found!!"
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they killed by accident they over dosed her on sleeping pills coz she would cry every time the parents went out
think about it tho, ones a doctor and ones a surgeon, i think its very unlikely that they would make such a f*ck up in a doesage.unless they gave her some proper tranquilsers to knockher out.this whole thing is getting old now, its nearly 6 months and there is a new theory or a peice of info everyday in the papers, its clearly bull.im surprised that the police havnt taken to planting evidence or frameing the local pedophile
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