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Flashed 360


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why are you writing at 2.4x?

slower does not equal a better burn. in most cases it means the exact opposite.

after inserting a blank disk imgburn will tell you what the recommended burn speed is for your drive when burning that brand of disk.


mine says "4x, 6x, 8x" when using 8x dual layer verbatims from singapore (make sure your verbs are always from singapore).

edit; i bet yours does not say 2.4x either

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so i have to install it to my old pc as i have a lappy now

so i open it up fit the drive and the connections are diferent :angry:

my drives are the old type this one connect via sata

so i have a 2nd hard drive that connects via sata so i disconnect it and connect the drive and nothing no power cant find it in my computer

what now ?

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so you're saying you haven't connected the sata power connector to the drive, and you're surprised that the computer hasn't recognised the device?

connect the power


rather than swapping the drive and the hdd, here's a long term solution:

extra sata ports


sata power adapter


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