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Guest Klitschko

Eye-talian match fixing

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Guest Klitschko

Former Lazio captain Giuseppe Signori was among 16 people arrested Wednesday for alleged involvement in a match-fixing and betting ring spread throughout Italy.

Others arrested include current players in Serie B and C, executives for lower-level clubs and betting operators.

The police operation was based in Cremona and arrests were carried out in more than 10 cities across the peninsula. Matches under investigation included some involving Atalanta and Siena, prosecutors said, which could put the two clubs' recent promotion back into Serie A at risk.

Signori was the Lazio captain in the mid-1990s and led Serie A in scoring in three seasons. He also made 28 appearances for Italy between 1992 and 1995, scoring seven goals.

Signori, who retired in 2006, allegedly led a group of bettors in Bologna that had a direct impact on the match-fixing, according to the ANSA news agency. He was put under house arrest.

Cremona prosecutor Roberto Di Martino told a news conference that the investigation began following a Serie C match between Cremonese and Paganese in November. Cremonese players allegedly had their drinks spiked with drugs so they wouldn't play well, and several players felt ill afterward.

"One player was involved in an unexplainable car accident, after which Cremonese registered an official complaint with the police,'' Di Martino said, adding that the drug used was a sleep medication.

The betting ring is suspected of paying off one or more players on a team to fix a match, and then placing large bets on legal bookmaking websites mostly based in Asia, to avoid betting being suspended for abnormal patterns.

Others arrested reportedly include two players with Serie B's Ascoli - defender Vittorio Micolucci and midfielder Vincenzo Sommese - Benevento goalkeeper Marco Paoloni, plus former Serie B and C player Gianfranco Parlato.

In addition, some 30 people are under investigation for alleged involvement, including Atalanta captain Cristiano Doni and former Serie A player Stefano Bettarini, ANSA said.

Read more: http://sportsillustr...l#ixzz1O1S6nMVH


There are some bizarre allegations after 16 people, including Beppe Signori, were arrested in a betting scandal, including Inter-Lecce and drugged players.

This morning police swooped in several cities to break up what they claim is a betting ring that was involved in match-fixing, bribery, intimidation and even spiking drinks.

Former Lazio star Signori was named as the ‘ringleader’ by the court order and is now under house arrest, while others include Ascoli players Vincenzo Sommese and Vittorio Micolucci.

Atalanta captain Cristiano Doni is among those under investigation, but has not been arrested, while former Fiorentina midfielder Mauro Bressan and ex-Bari man Antonio Bellavista are also implicated.

The Cremona public prosecutors allege that at least 18 games between Serie A, B and Lega Pro were involved after examining unusual betting patterns.

According to the paperwork signed by prosecutor Guido Salvini, Signori is “the undisputed leader due to personal prestige in the Bologna area. He is involved in a betting ring on fixed games, placing €150,000 on the Serie A match Inter-Lecce.”

This is an interesting case, as the bets were for at least three goals in that Inter-Lecce game, but it ended 1-0 for the home side.

The result prompted alleged retaliatory attacks on those in the betting ring who had not done enough to ensure the fixture went as ‘planned.’

Brescia-Bologna on April 2 saw unusual betting patterns on a home victory, which emerged 3-1.

Another game pin-pointed was Atalanta’s Serie B 3-0 victory over Piacenza, which ended 3-0 on March 19. The prosecutors wrote that “Doni was one of those players who allegedly agreed the result with Piacenza defender Carlo Gervasoni. The second goal was a penalty from Gervasoni’s foul on Doni.”

It’s also alleged that both teams automatically promoted from Serie B this season, Siena and Atalanta, had games that were part of this betting ring’s focus.

Perhaps the most disturbing allegation is that Cremonese players had their drinks spiked ahead of the 2-0 victory over Paganese on November 14, 2010.

Several players and members of staff felt ill during and after the game, with some requiring hospital treatment. It’s alleged they were given sleeping draughts.

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Atalanta have hired lawyers after reports their position in the betting scandal has become “critical.”

The club could see their promotion to Serie A put in doubt by the investigation into alleged match-fixing by a betting syndicate.

It has been widely reported in the Italian media that Saturday’s interrogations pushed Atalanta’s position to “critical.”

With that in mind, late last night the Bergamo club released a statement confirming it had hired lawyers “Jean-Louis Dupont, Luigi Chiappero and Gian Pietro Bianchi to aid and protect the reasons, interests and image of Atalanta in every arena.”

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match fixing is part of their sport sameway referees are trying to steal the limelight and add a 3rd dimension to el classicos

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init i swear last season Lazio intentionally lost their game against Inter to prevent any chance of Roma winning the title? normal

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