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The A-word

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Is this arab word for slave?


Its funny with black muslims and how they always ignore Islamic hostile history with africans. The islamic slave trade lasted almost three times longer than European slave trade but you see idiots joining islam as if they are joining something honourable . The majority of black muslims I see nowadays join islam because they are culturally lost and need a sense of belonging. They are usually hoodwinked into accepting an arab religious culture and forfeiting their ow african/carribean roots  in order to feel they belong. Which reminds me of my cousin who is one of these new converts Adeboloja types that wears pakistani curtains as clothes and a headwrap.This fool is a african born man dressed like the Taliban on the streets of London . Instead of honouring His bantu heritage he is honouring arab heritage of some 7th century madman .  The fool always wants to preach to me about blacks are respected in Islam and look at Bilal. Bilal was some slave coon negro who probably sided with Mohammed in order to get his freedom and was under duress. No one knows what even happened to him afterwards, he probably got shanked by schizo Mohammed

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