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  1. time_bomb


    Na fekir is a snake, came out publicly saying he wanted to play for algeria then changed his mind the next day. Mbappe was never gona play for algeria.
  2. time_bomb


    Yea im claiming mbappe as one of our own and im a fan of the french ethnics but i cannot support the nation of france Belgium is a boring little country probably the biggest event in their history
  3. time_bomb

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    Really wanted sterling to have a big game.
  4. time_bomb

    Summer 2018

    Salty algerian girls rage in her instagram comments lol
  5. time_bomb

    Harvey Weinstein

    Gays get all kinds of blys when it comes to sexual banter/harassment
  6. time_bomb

    African teams at World cup.

    DR Congo and Mali could have had mad teams
  7. time_bomb

    African teams at World cup.

    Africa had a better showing last world cup, Algeria and Nigeria both to knockout stage, Algeria almost took out Germany. I don't know why African teams don't do better, maybe cos through the year we generally only play dead African teams to qualify for Afcon? If Algeria had Benzema, Nasri, Fekir, Mbappe etc to go with Mahrez, Brahimi, Feghouli would they become challengers? Or if morocco had Fellaini, Chadli, El Haddadi, or Tunisia had Ben Arfa, Ben Yedder, Khedira? Probably goes a lot deeper, too much politics and corruption involved. No conspiracy theorist but Africa deff gets the short straw with FIFA.
  8. time_bomb

    Official Twitter Thread

    Size of that beast. Cant lie part of me has always wanted to do a bull run.
  9. time_bomb

    Group Stage Round 2 (All Groups)

    There was a couple dead games early on but world cup has come good. Been some good goals and interesting storylines.
  10. time_bomb

    Official Twitter Thread

    Trying hard for a bbc3 mental illness doc
  11. time_bomb

    Group Stage Round 2 (All Groups)

    Agreed. Great storyline.
  12. time_bomb

    Official Twitter Thread

    Dead rebore enimem
  13. time_bomb

    Official Twitter Thread

    Must be pissed he only got 76 retweets off that
  14. time_bomb

    Official Twitter Thread

    I see where this scenario could happen, if im at a barbecue and its her friends/colleagues/family, i may feel uncomfortable to go stack my plate, i'd certainly ask her to fill it up for me. Now if another female brought it over to me and it wasn't the host being hospitable then it could become an awkward situation. The whole 'you're not the type of woman to make him a plate' business is beyond me though, picture me ever being with a woman who wont make me food let alone serve me some.
  15. time_bomb

    Lord Sugar's racist tweet

    the anti-semite card is the strongest in the pack