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  1. Whoever been doing the vip2 league the last few years just needs to reactive it again
  2. lol middle class white fights are jokes / that car crash vid is fake im sure
  3. Wankers. Sick shot though, connected perfectly.
  4. Being pious aint easy
  5. Can confirm i will not be paying
  6. Thats like my kick ups
  7. Join a union
  8. I was in algeria a month ago, theres a huge amount of sub-saharan africans there now, never seen so many foreigners in algeria in my life, a lot of the young men get construction jobs, the women and kids are often begging on street. Clearly their goal is europe. Its mad cos even to algerians they have this idea that europe is paved with gold. Such a false illusion.
  9. lol great video
  10. Finally catching up the rest of western europe with a team full of foreign names lol
  11. ffs

    Sharia law needed
  12. never watched this show in my life but after seeing that clip i may have to tune in what days is it on?
  13. isis sniper is sick tho that was within inches of her head / if im isis im taking her as my concubine shes cute