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  1. Water palace near Croydon airport that was the plot once upon a time
  2. I know it not a old school shop/supermarket but me and my boy was talking about when McDonald’s had the meals for £2.88 and when they did the apple pie and ice cream in the tray thing... heath had the play ting which I think is still there... and remember them stiff seats which turned to the side and the drink came in the white with the 3 m’s around it
  3. US Junction in tooting sold them type of garms
  4. Agreed year 10 to year 11 was the time I had to start paying for my kicks and tracksuits from jd because Mumzie said I was old enough to go buy them myself
  5. Can anyone explain the relegation and format of this tournament/competition/Uefa money making scheme
  6. I can’t knock his heart and passion but football wise not for me
  7. Must have a good agent , because he ain’t better than certain man Bayern already have
  8. McDonald’s breakfast is a bump I would rather go cafe
  9. Who’s jasmine the Asian ting?
  10. Black donny got sacked... when he was up against he was going road on the other candidates?
  11. Well he only won the league with Leicester what do years ago and he is a all round good guy
  12. White Christmas you entered my heart, the very next day you made me feel a way...
  13. Dreaming of a white Xmas.. bun the turkey tho
  14. After all the food, and small talk is done, I’m looking to have a serious session with the Mandem drink and all the packets in between...
  15. This sounds to good to be true... there is something not right about all this?
  16. Man Utd are actually shit, wow when they showed fergie in stands boy his face told the pain of watching United.. all slow win the ball it’s all horizontal passing, win the ball in defence no one brakin foward.. no out ball, cant switch play no one to receive in the middle of the park... how as no manager since carrick retired and no manger since fergie has brought a cm.. Man Utd struggle in that area... lingarrd is shit he should go back to the championship so many shit guys in this team that haven’t been replaced and stealing a living at United
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