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  1. Looking to give up the bunning for the year ahead, it’s about time
  2. Ramsey riding bench at PSG if he signs there
  3. When he tries the backflip and he lands on his hands and he is rubbing them... he knows that hurt
  4. Would have to be a black man doing that kinda fuckery
  5. A few man united what need to get rid of if that were ever to happen
  6. I’m I being naive in saying these issues arise with white and mixed race mums??
  7. Mans sex game is shit if your making these kinda topics
  8. His gone, his gone bye bye mourinho they have to have a replacement Good to go from now
  9. Utd due that work home and away, but my work the club are in dire circumstances
  10. She should do porn, the blowy could be saying something
  11. Yer her ting seems more viable than bra’s/swimsuits
  12. Yer they fucked her shit, man just wants to see the back more the camera needs to be on total deev mode
  13. Watching the final now, Sian has a big back boi
  14. So Chelsea fans ain’t racist/anti-Semitic ok then
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