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  1. Spurs got reality check with playing such a high line against players like Rashford
  2. 6’5 fucking hell you sure she wasn’t a man before I’ve seen tallish women but not that height
  3. youcleanwepaint


    Don’t watch no pics/insta/Twitter ??
  4. Regulators fucking up the ting in April fully, first the bookies and now porn ???
  5. I would double drop to the beats if I was inna the rave
  6. Don’t get it, I’m confused
  7. And the little shit messed up my acca because he missed a pen
  8. If need be the ball is getting slotted past the keeper
  9. They way overcharge for their products, it’s like hold on, a bag for a phone
  10. I’m glad the title was done and dusted talk if Liverpool won this evening is now done
  11. I hope your game is better than your some of your spelling.
  12. He is lucky because the only reason he is playing is because he is captain.. should be playing dalot not this old timer who’s crosses hardly ever beat the best man
  13. I don’t how we are only now 3 points behind Arsenal and 6 off chelsea ??
  14. What nonsense, why would you make a topic so stupid
  15. You have to beat what’s infront of you even it’s Bournemouth or bayern
  16. Shackles released finally
  17. You shouldn’t be revealing those things and you need to sort out how your moving
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