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  1. Safe. I want something solid and would pay. Am going to bed soon though, so can't justify 17 quid for 40 minutes of action.
  2. Is Box Nation the only way to get this fight? 17 is teef, would pay a tenner for an online feed.
  3. Will cop an Xbox rag go if they re release Shenmue 1 and 2
  4. Anybody got a decent link about how to get the best add ins onto a fire stick. my sport n TV options are running low on kodi.
  5. Sorry, have only just seen this. If she sends 3 fully frontal nudes of herself to my smartphone, I can possibly help. In box for further details.
  6. Where is cheap in Europe that man can get a good vibe? I mean cheap cost of living, so no Amsterdam or Paris and in reverse no Tirana and other euro ghettos!
  7. Sean Pen Will Smith robert DeNiro
  8. Yeah clocked that about the fire.
  9. connorwickham


    Just as I thought the show was falling off, the finale delivered. So many different angles for season 5.
  10. yoooooo! Ps4 and Xbox?
  11. This Jon Snow and Daeneries bullshit is jarring. if Brann is the NK then his intent is obvious. He wants a Stark on the throne, not John Snow.
  12. I'm not hugely educated in this but I heard a theory that many Western blacks (descendants of slaves) do have a legitimate claim to the ancient Egyptians. Yes many slaves are of West African descent, however it is widely accepted that many tribes were selling out each other to European slave masters at the time for no gain. the theory I heard was that around this time in history, after the Romans had made many Egyptians flee South, Persian and Europeans followed them into southern and west Africa but couldn't distinguish between them and other blacks. Tribes from these areas could! And sold Egyptians out in their thousands. just a theory. Seemed plausible.
  13. Yes can vouch for the S6, brilliant all round phone.
  14. My fire stick is near enough useless now, everything has been locked off on Kodi. What is the best Android box to buy?
  15. Dusty Bojan being mentioned in this topic. Messi is like Jon Snow, this next season defines his legacy.
  16. Respect brother. Watched now.
  17. Site bangs but doesn't have the leaked episode.
  18. Any Xbox or ps deals? I only want one to play FIFA18
  19. London really is wack. Over-hyped, over price, seems pure stress. I rate the transport system though.
  20. Kodi on my firestick is shit for sport now. Tv and movies r still bless.
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