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  1. If it ain't family or family of friends run true. Sometimes you need to do it to test if it is wrong. Bred rims current girls is way offside but ex girls can be win for you and Bredrin if you are honest about it.
  2. I can give their watered down ass some culture
  3. Caucasian mindset but mixed raced is y main aim.
  4. It's true in regard to the older (I'm talking a noticeable age older) black woman. I have to much respect for the next gen black women to deal with one and in terms of a relationship it would be weird. A 40 plus Kim or Suzie wouldn't phase me though.
  5. Comes from good stock. His dad is the £1 fish guy right?
  6. Forum guy deffo isn't drawing the prestige, why are you lying for? Is it for online reputation. P.s. Why would you be going to Preston or Blackpool??
  7. 1 game per week and playing as an AM is different to 2 or 3 games a week at Arsenal at CM. Not denying that our medical team has issues but there are factors.
  8. Them log fire on and wank sessions in Iceland nh. Why is that country beasting so much? Looool!
  9. Yh she was flames in the film but not sure why as a quick Google search shows she isn't all that.
  10. How can Wretch not be in any top 5. He's the top 1
  11. No order - Giggs, scraps, nines, Wretch, Aystar
  12. Yh feeling the reading book movement
  13. 2016: Became approved in my field Started building Otherwise dry 2017: 2 good foreign holidays Find 2 or 3 reliable no-string cougars (preferably white) Pass driving test Get back to good health AND fitness Send mum away on a cruise No kids (not ready for that yet)
  14. He didn't buy Wilshere and Gibbs. He didn't buy Ashley Cole. He did buy Campbell (Sol). Also are Theo and Ramsey not successes?
  15. Bellerin is the best RB for the next 10 years
  16. connorwickham

    j lo

    Pure delusion in here. J-lo used to be a 9.8 the only thing stopping her being 10 was that if she spoke any Spanish I couldn't communicate (I'd have learnt Spanish). Now she's a 9.5. She is the definition of elite.
  17. Possibly be watching blacked.com in HD. NYE so might splash out on a tipple
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