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  1. People still wear G-Shocks? Never liked them, always thought they were ugly but haven't seen anyone wearing them in years until this video.
  2. Basically what happened. Just saw it on the news, whoever was involved ran into a house party after . Police turned up nobody cooperated so they just said fuck it and arrested everyone it seems, hoping someone would identify them.
  3. Tbh I reckon majority of them will end up being released after initial investigation or get hit with lesser charges .
  4. 39. 3-9. Imagine getting bagged right before new year
  5. Restrictive

    Nye plans

    Meant to be out with the fam. Probably end my night in a yardie dancè like last year.
  6. somesones gotta be trolling...
  7. “Have a listen it might jog your memories” lol You know what same old spray...He’s not changed and never will. Sad but he’s unapologetically spray?
  8. Not had a lynx set in about 2/3 years...Let’s hope it stays that way. Got two shirts and rest is money so far Hoping someone gonna buss me with some new socks ?
  9. Working from home over Christmas. Got hectic this morning but died down. Ended up sorting a few things out and watched Christmas films, plan to do the same later this week.
  10. He came with Vicz from the looks of it. Definitely don’t believe he was invited personal though, especially with the mashtown lot in the building. i get his frustration with chip though, could have at least called man or dropped him a text to see if he’s cool. Because he was cheesing with him and Skepta on insta vid right before it all kicked off. And it took Spray ranting on twitter for him to reach out finally? As for Posty I wouldn’t reach out lol If it all went down like the way it rumoured then Spray instigated it and brought it on himself. Potentially fucking up the whole event and ruining relationships with sponsors. Posty definitely came across as a prick in that rap man interview
  11. Probably for who evers behind it, knowing they've had Gatwick at stand still for 25 hours. Fuckery for those just trying to get home though.
  12. Somones having a shit end to the year
  13. Looool man said thanks for your message mate at last dhdhgdgsg Dunno what demons spray dealing with but twitter definitely ain’t the one.
  14. Fuck her. But it’s worrying that the first thing people thought to do was dig up her old tweets, salty. Not even done with good intentions.
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