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    Holding out for this years, hopefully.
  2. Every race has wayward women man dem just keep picking from the same sunken pit
  3. Didn’t watch, seen bits and pieces over insta this past week but as soon as I saw certain mans name in this mix up I just sighed. Fuck chakabars. Love push up himself in things that don’t concern him.
  4. Fuck that he’s possessed shit, he’s a filthy rapist through and through.
  5. Same shit different day. Thats what they all say, but then again some are truly oblivious. But his uncle definitely aint helping by posting that video knowing exactly how the media will scrutinize <<< "A recent study of the OC's business model revealed the gang's bosses earn around £130,000" loool business model
  6. Restrictive

    Purple Aki

    Solo 45 back on trial, horrible c*nt. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jan/10/bristol-grime-artist-solo-45-andy-anokye-on-trial-for-22-rapes He did that shit.
  7. I pay £10. Started going down the weekly trim route back in October/November but fell off. Usually go every 2-3 weeks depending on what I’m doing and where I’m going. Hairlines slipping as it is, just like to keep everything neat. After a week I look rough imo lool Pissed my barber moved, was literally round the corner from my house. So convenient, now gotta go out my way. Theres two barbers near mine one I went to originally but noticed he pushes my hairline back too far. Don’t get me wrong it’s sharp when he does it but yeah you’ve pushed my shit back too much to get the sharpness.
  8. Hope the baby is returned safe
  9. Man are really swinging with riot police
  10. Shouldnt even laugh but man are out here signing deals without even reading the contract. Basically signed a contract without reading it for a bit weed and 5 bags he never got.
  11. Looking at prices for Invisalign thinking is it worth it. Had braces years back, slacked on retainer for a bit teeth moved. Still get compliments about my teeth and smile. But there’s imperfections that I notice and wanna correct. Found my old teeth moulds when I first got my braces off. Moral of the story don’t slack in retainers if you get braces. Teeth will start to shift back quite quickly. Wanna get some work done on my front teeth as well.
  12. Restrictive


    Dizzle is so forced, saw him at a comedy show once lol...Didn’t get much reception. Feel the same about Wyardie these days. On another note people need to leave the brudda alone, you’ve got people making songs and videos pretending to be him. Then if he topped himself they’d be doing up mental health threads. Lot of us took part in the clowning when it first happened but we’re 3 years deep now.
  13. Far from it, but I’m glad the sales are shit. man are charging £1000 for a phone that doesn’t even include a fast charger and starts at 64GB kmt Paid 7 bills for my 128GB iPhone 7 on release, £300 more and I’m getting less storage? Hopefully we can see this years iPhones launch cheaper or they at least give you more for your money.
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