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Laws & Paul McCartney - Yesterday's Future (Mixtape)

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Guest FA23


From Danger Mouse's infamous The Grey Album to Evidence's I Don't Need Love EP, hip-hop projects dedicated to the Beatles aren't necessarily anything new or particularly innovative. But when they're done right, they can really hit the spot -- the nostalgic spot, in particular. They can also act as a means of giving an artist an ample promotional boost, because, let's be honest, it's always interesting to hear how these things turn out no matter their quality.

Luckily for Spring Hill, Fla.-based rapper Laws, quality isn't an issue on his mixtape tribute to Paul McCartney, Yesterday's Future. From the jump, it's clear he and production team the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, known for their work with everyone from Rick Ross to Mary J. Blige, are interested in maintaining the integrity of McCartney's music while breathing some new life into it. Even if you don't dig Yesterday's Future -- trust me, you more than likely will -- you can't deny the work they put into this.

Download: http://hulkshare.com/rk8qqfv0atto



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Guest FA23




With your Paul McCartney-inspired mixtape "Yesterday's Future" you are certainly raising the bar for today's rappers as far as creative content is concerned. How did you come up with this original approach and what is the motivation behind it?

It all started with the song "Knocking at the Door." That was me rapping over a loop of an old McCartney record. J.U.S.T.I.C.E League actually suggested that I make a whole project, approaching it the way I did that one record. Honestly, I've been a Beatles fan for a long time. Their music catalog is one of the most impressive in music history. Their music is beyond-words amazing. This also applies to Paul's solo work.

You referred to "Yesterday's Future" as a duet project. How did you relate to his lyrics and how did the songwriting differ from your previous work?

I took the most literal, basic approach to his lyrics. For instance, the song "Happiness in the Homeland" was about my hometown. "Dear Boy" was about previous haters. I drew the lines very bold, and then splashed all kinds of color within them. This writing is my most vivid yet.

When did you start listening to The Beatles and Paul McCartney and where do you see differences between them and today's popular recording artists?

As a child, their music was FULLER. That is actually the best way to describe it. There was more life in it and it sounded ageless.

Do you see any parallels between you and Paul McCartney?


Which song on your mixtape carries the most importance for you and why?

This would be the title track, "Yesterday's Future." That song is, literally, the inside of my head.

Your family's roots are in Brazil – a country with a rich musical tradition. What does Brazil mean to you? Any chance we might hear you working with some Brazilian artists or producers?

Brazil is like this home from a past life that I haven't gotten to visit yet. I was adopted at birth so I don't really recall it. However, I'm open to work with anyone who makes good music.

In your song "Homeland" you pay homage to your hometown Tampa Bay. Can you tell us a little about the music scene there?

It's actually Spring Hill I'm talking about. The music scene there is like every other small town – a lot of talent struggling to be heard.

Tell us a little about your relationship with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. How did this come about and what is it like to work with an award winning producer team?

We were roommates for over a year, so it's different from your normal artist/producer relationship. They've looked out for me a lot. It's a blessing to work with such talented guys.

What can we expect from Laws within the next two years?

Much more music. Different haircuts. Maybe a suit jacket. Who knows? We will see what happens.

Any last words?


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been sitting on my desktop for a hot minute.

good to see him getting some recognition on here.

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Wow, some tunes dont work at all but the ones that do.. f*ck*ng hell

Not Coming Down >>>>>

been dying to hear this since i heard the preview a couple months back


Must Be Wrong >>>

Dear Boy >>>>

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so nice it once agains shows the huge gap between american rappers and their sh*t brit counterparts. when the americans are good they are very good. when brits are good, its just meh, just above your avg.

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