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Bag an olympic athlete competition


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You want to invest in a flat over there which go for around $30-40 about 15 mins from the beach.

If you can't buy a house then look at renting them out best to start inquiring now.

Also try and become a volunteer if you can.

I'm definitily going to Rio, already took the money out of my Betfair account and will transfer it later this week (Was saving up for a wedding, holidays etc when I met someone nice but fuck it)

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One slore I used to beat (2nd picture)

Looks like she bagged an athlete for a few hours


burke or the model one?

would smash burke, in other one meh no body

Nah the white ting in the background

Her head game is a madness


C/S about smashing Burke and as for the model meh

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went to olympic village and drew nothing, too busy hobnobbing with my countrys olympics committee, plus my visitors pass made me look like a wasteman

could have probly drew some uk swimmer but thats a dead look

this one french bird was crazy

might have to google at some stage

anyway watch out for me at rio, full pass business

this exactly me, which olympic committee was u involved with?

ive been getting to know one of the volleyball girls actually, but she already left the country so nothing really happening

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