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  1. Man don't knock my hustle youngbloods, I had to work hard to get to where I am. I remember having my posts deleted by Nandi Lioness for going "Off topic" and trolling RWD relentlessly. Man was out here in these skreets linking dons making connections and reporting back on the real world, I am not a plant (maybe).
  2. That was at Drift, i'm not quoting him.
  3. Ha. Good one.
  4. Yeah what the fuck is going on with Season 3? I remember hearing it was coming out like end of December, all now I'm sat here with my d*ck in my hand waiting for it
  5. This topic is a bit mad occasionally.
  6. This topic is killer. Lens is my new hero.
  7. Send
  8. Wrong thread mate
  9. You gotta take that money my nigga. You're 16 with an unfinished product, use it to fund your other ventures baby!
  10. I remember when you had to fucking WORK for a reload. I remember the dons that would wheel themselves, no honour. I of course was a wheel up don.
  11. Cheers, good topic will investigate and share.
  12. The Rock will make a good black Adam for sure. Fuck the DC movie universe, the animated Universe has been killing it for fucking years now from Justice League to Young Justice to the DCAU movies like Wonder Woman, Under the Red Hood etc. I'd potentially watch some of them in a cinema, really looking forward to Justice League Dark aswell
  13. It's crazy that people can be funny and not funny at the exact same time. What happened to trolling man jeez
  14. Can confirm Mike doesn't exist.
  15. Most of these girsl don't exist you know