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  1. personally i think he should rest in peace but my mum was like, as parent you do everything you can to keep your child alive and exhaust every option available to you
  2. always came acroos humble and true to himself RIP
  3. thats the view of the true core grime fans but broadly his seen as grime artist
  4. tino


    we are more connected , so anything happens you know about it , its money making for news sites/tv, but the world is more safe than it the past
  5. tino

    Bill Cosby

    truth is this women want money , if he had been convicted it would allow the women to sue him for a lot of money
  6. war with who ? let nk and usa sort themselves out ,
  7. you will gain super human strength running away from that snake
  8. i enjoyed them , really clever guy , can't wait for the third one coming end of year
  9. inspiring thread like most learning the basics of coding but also learning woodwork something to do with my hands and away from a computer screen
  10. wish that would happening but the past yr has taught me that the opposite is more than likely , know i wont be shocked if won a second term after the 4yrs is up
  11. tino

    Break ups

    the friend zone guy thats been campaign for her is gonna get the permission to land
  12. what , how is it relevant to the topic ?
  13. porn and wanking has desensitised your d*cks , just re frame from for two weeks , soon you be busting easy in condoms
  14. tino

    J. Cole Topic

    two good tracks , am hyped for the album but i think he cant ever top up the warm up mixtape
  15. tino


    by far the funniest show i have seen in some time
  16. wait a second thought your in relationship , didnt you resolve your issue ?
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