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    HAVE YOU SEEN TIFFANY?!?!?!?!? I turned on the tv yesterday and i saw a face on my tv screen that a little birdy in my head was saying 'she loks very familiar' i googled her and i was like wtttfffffff - is this how long i havent watched eastenders?!?!?!?!?! big girl like her now with her black man aura
  2. i find it so funny that beaumont and OC CAN HAVE beef, when they are a mere 700 metres away from each other with same postcode goodness sake
  3. underwriter


    her PT you know all kinds of thoughts 1) did they fuck before 2) were they fucking ALL THIS TIME 3) did he buss on her face? 4) was his sex better than diddi sex 5) was she finessing me out of q-wap
  4. you know dem ones when you get a haircut every 2 weeks.... when the 2nd week drops and it is around monday/tuesday and you are in a mad conundrum to get a haircut.... or wait till that thursday/friday to make it even fresher an annoying conundrum
  5. she succumbed under pressure
  6. underwriter


    mlkhgufydsrrdfghjnkmljhgfdsdfghlugytfyrdxgfcgvhbjnkiugyftdrsetrxyctgvhj it can biz like that imagine that though..... the cheek.... fuck off
  7. imagine people are talking about buying barbers foods ans snacks get the fuck out of here
  8. underwriter


    what if you see your girl lets say 3 times in that week and you dont act hungry and nothing happens? will you not be thinking to yourself...............................?
  9. she even said what do you mean #? IF SHE DOESNT KNOW WHAT '#' IS...... SHES TOO YOUNG FOR YOU BROOOO
  10. naa its annoying when the actual main lid is closed - everytime i go into the bathrom, the main lid is always closed ffs - i have to use my hands to open it.... which i dont want to be doing each and every single damn time
  11. looook yup - when its out you then have to turn it around to make it in - agh when someone uses the toilet and then after they close the toilet lid each time they use it FFS annoying cunts -
  12. my car is 2k deposit & £400 a month
  14. underwriter

    Nye plans

    if you took it at studio 338, there should have been no reason for you to have taken it gone past that time....... what were you tryna do?? stay up for 300 hours?
  15. underwriter

    Nye plans

    the way people speak about bunning weed is very annoying
  16. i just looked at all you last peoples usernames mgeez how the hell do you have 42,000 posts my goodness
  17. dont know what to make of it i fell asleep lasr 12 mins - just re watched last bit now i mean.... i wouldnt say it was a 10/10 film - but it was an aite watch i guess.... bare hype over it on social medias and that; bloody hell
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