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  1. YOU KNOW..... I LIKE THIS COMMENT..... theres been times im not in the mood - i wouldnt really say im the MOST sociable person.... yet people think because its Christmas, you get this NEXT VIMM VIMM to make you have a game face lool its actually quite mad
  2. havent received a single present yet
  3. bloody hell.... dont really know about this guy guy, but bloody hell he can talk.... and he was fluent at story telling - what an interesting interview this was - ive left now liking this guys aura
  4. look at that............... that just looks bloody scary and horrible
  6. What is pink panther? pink panthered?
  7. for clarification, can someone explain what 'building a wall means'?? is that the literal term as in getting contractors out and getting cement and bricks? something like the berlin wall/great wall of china? like........bloody hell
  8. fucik me, that cruise liner was masssssssssssive bag of people on that
  9. see..... just watching that video.... how can any woman seriously believe you can outstrengt a man??? like seriously.... think about it long and hard before you females are looking to join the police - and if women do want to join the police, it should be a pre requisite that they sign up to kick boxing/jujitsu/muithai/mma or something alike - because brah, you are not stronger than no man man was pulling her hair.... what can a female do in that situation if a guy gets hold of your hair?? lmao.... you have to surrender and make sure that you tug onto your hair as well... ridiculous; just stay in the office
  10. all i saw with this pic was my hands holding her waist and................ well....
  11. and the police had already nabbed 100 bags pre taking that pic
  12. underwriter


    ive spoken to quite a few males who experience this situation whereby if they dont 'put it on their girlfriend' there is no sex at all whatsoever.... so it is constantly the guy having to put it on his girl to have some sort of sex, otherwise it aint happening - clearly it shouldnt be like that at all whatsoever
  13. underwriter


    Why is it always the guys who have to initiate sex? It can be quite the frustrating factor, when sometimes you hold back to see if your girl will put it on you for once and get all down and dirty.... but that wont happen and you both end up going sleep? The floor is yours
  14. imagine raising a kid which is not yours, ... by blood
  15. when you lot meet your extended family or family you havent seen in a while, are you a bit awkward? like you dont no what to talk about?
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