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  1. randomly came across this on sunday loooool, this is a good tv series you know - them thrillers there
  2. at the end, the black presenter said 'so many young black men' why couldnt he say 'so many old white men and women in there' ?????
  3. in a mixed relationship you cannot be pro black - # its like saying im pro muslim - but then you have a bacon sandwich in your right hand with a pint of carling in your left on a podium but yes, you can be against and stand up to racism , of course - but being pro black i believe you cannot be pro black means black black all black and nothing else matters
  4. underwriter


    when he moonwalks to the pond - the woman is looking at him like ... 'LOOK AT THIS FUCKING NIGGA, GO AWAY'
  5. not gonna lie, i been felt like that with just eat just eat just has that kinda aura when you no the shops listed on there are all sleezy etc etc but when you step in your house, belly rumbling and its 4am after a rave.... you gotta fire up that justeat app if only deliveroo went to those hours fffs
  6. imajin people are saying it looks gay/feminine it looks absolutely wonderful
  7. what annoys me is how brazen some colleagues are when they are in the toilet...... shits sounding bare loud like missles and everything, then coughing/snorting bruv shut up and shit in peace man agh
  8. not gonna lie..... but i cant see girls working in it (first line/second line/devOPS/sap/asp#) it just doesnt drop whatsoever thats a mans arena
  9. has a white man ever experienced racism tho? has a white female ever experienced racism? have asians? YESSS.... have afro caribbeans? YES..... have other ethnicities...... welll ermm.... yes.... i really dont understand why this never ending debate is so difficult to comprehend - i actually dont
  10. can you be more specific...? theres at least 50 shades.
  11. oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii anty widdicombe came with di CANNNNNOOONNNNNNN
  12. albums boring apart from 2 tracks thats it ASKROWORLD IS MUCH BETTER FFS
  13. imagine certain girls are saying 'well if guys can bang bare girls..... why cant girls do it???' agh agh..... do you literally think what you said is OK???? what nonsense
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