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Vip2 MTM's: Men that sleep with men


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its a long read but definately worth it. Men that sleep with men: a term used to identify men who do not associate themselves with being "gay". These are everyday regular guys that true enough would never fit the gay stereotype. These are also regular users of this forum. Yep and i have proof. Who am i? I was mainly on rwd but made the less frequent move to here. I saw that grim thread as a girl of mine got caught up in the bullsigt. Then i'm seein certain man laughin n sh*t stirrin. I tht 2myself seen? I allowed it only to find again certain mans makin threads exposin guys and chattin sh*t. Again i tht hmmm? 2day was the last straw seein 2 of the same culprits bum chummin each other so ok f*ck it the sh*t has iht the fan. Who are these men that i have 100% proof they f*ck men or at worst support the men who f*ck men community. so i bring a case before you

----Enough intro here are the accused- Toney, carpe_deum,realz, ferity,and that geraffe neck guy.

I have bout 2more on my list but nt enuff evidence. *gasps all round*Fa real?

Yes- toney lets start wiv u. I have msn and profile chats proof you posted on gay websites and your pictures. If i'm lying up a CURRENT pic of u cos it was sly of you nt to up one in that pic thread. pple no scratch that. Guys you hv met and had sex wiv will sign up and back me if you chat sh*t. You're only defence is upping a current pic OR this thread gets deleted. I will up the pics i have which i know will match yours. Secondly i have Video/webcamevidence taken without you knowin.

--------------------------------------------Accused no2 carpe: your charge is different but still as bad or suspect. You were battling it out in a thread defending--------------------------jesus and the bible yet you have or still are takin pics of your body for gay mags. I also have proof to back me up. More than what we already know The pic with you on the beach was part of a piece you did with them or submitted to a popular gay mag and you also had an interview with them. Ok they said it was one of their most popular editions and had to call you back for an interview and they also stated that you were straight and just carryin out a request frm a friendly well known gay photographer. By now you know that i am damn sure bout wht i'm talkin about being that i've read the mag. btw Toney have you upped them pics yet? Get on to it man youve been read your charge. Back to you carpe--- In tht mag you were asked about if guys hit on u and u said yes and you don't care. Whn asked if you would do a guy you said no But after deeper interrogation you said if you suddenly woke up one mornin and were into men you would accept it and deal with it but so far thts not the case. That's me quotin word 4 word but i reckon if sum1 was 100% strait he wld just have say "no never ever". The guy in the pics was said to be a london based brazilian model who once lived in houston and frequents the USA 4 modelling wrk. The pics i have match 1000% all ur pics so don't try it. Plus i know some1 who's met you at that urban music seminar. So wht kind of man defends the bible while jetting off rnd the world takin pics of his body and fitting gay mags photoshoots into his spare time?

----------------------Accused no3-realz---------------------. By now realz you've probably passed hot piss so lets get to you shall we. Your charge is that you have f*cked my friend. My male friend that is. Linked on a gay chat and met up the pics on the site or msn are the same you've posted here. What? Someone used fake pics claimin to be you? Yes that wld stand if you hadn't MET this person who verifies that the guy in the pics who went by the name tunde is who he's met. another guy you've metand are still close to, Boyfriend? pissed me off and i've exposed him elsewhere and had to throw his other half (you) or bredrins at least into the mix.

-----------------------Who's next. Ferity = sleep wit menER.---------------------- Same ting pple tht have f*cked him know me.

--------------Giraffe neck boy =also sleeps with men. Him ferity and realz have all used the same site. As for the other 2 suspects there can't be any charges yet against them as nt enuff evidence but time will tell. Let this serve as a warning to all the guys throwin sh*t about as if they are saints there's nuff ppl like me around to catch you out. The world isnt tht big. Toney you do really well in talkin about girls and your ex reh reh reh. Maybe you're even just bisexual and do have a hetero side. But you f*ck men still. Carpe you're a show off and arrogant yet wiv all ur muscles ur still a p*ssy. You have to roll wht pple that think they are road mans. At the music seminar you wld've got carved if you dido't hide behind the boy dem vans. Today i came on and see toney faoinq you so you can brag and ur replying "yea toney i. Pmed you f*ck the rest". So ppl can feel to ask what it all about please tell us. Why the f*ck did.nt you pm each other in the 1st place? You said it urself tht you posted that avi time ago and no one gave a f*ck, why try make something of it now to get attention, when you're probably pming each other about when to link up and play with carpe's muscles, and toney is into all that gym stuff too so there you go. probably getting him to model for you as well which is cool but keep it to yourselves.realz you should blame ur boy for being another arrogant c*nt, who has been put in his place elsewhaere and ur the collateral damage. the others dont use here again to my knowledge or are under differnet names. These are my charges against you, please feel free to defend yourself as best as you can if you choose to. or dont, it may all just blow over, the thread may get deletd etc etc. in a forum court unfortunately a lawyer cannot be appointed for you nor allowed to represent you, so you have to defend yourself, but can call in witnesses etc. however note that it doesnt matter if you produce a girl that swears you licked the P out of her p*ssy last night, infact every night. what about when she aint with you? married men with kids who are loving caring husbands and fathers still find time to f*ck men, so dont even try that sh*t. why am i doing this? well cos the world needs bitches like me to help put people like yous in your place, sort of a reminder or to clip your wings every now and then so that you watch what you say and do. it also serves as a warning to the rest guys out there who come online to act like they sh*t milk and honey. im sure there's more guys who swake up with headline news shocking people next to them in the morning..just be warned. that grim chick thread instigated this.yes i baitly sleep with guys and i have also had steady girlfriends, i do not act like i dont but i dont also have to bait my current more used user name. If your admin friends dont delete me you can be rest assured Venom will pay a visit every now and then with more world exclooosives. thats my case presented, i now leave the defendants and the jury users and judges to decide how this case shall be tried. i leave this with you to sleep on, come freash and revived in the morning to defend yourself.

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