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Russia's Millionaire's Fair 2009 - Silver, Gold & Platinum goods

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Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/...aires-Fair.htmlA chrome Mercedes, fridges wrapped in snake skin, and Hummers with pole-dancing stages: How Communism is well and truly dead at Russia's Millionaire's FairThe world may be in a financial crisis but Russia's wealthy set are still ready to spend, spend, spend - or so it seemed at Moscow's latest Millionaire Fair, held in the shadow of the Kremlin.Russia has been hit more than most by the recession, with the country's wealthiest 25 tycoons losing a staggering total of £160 billion in the latest figures from Forbes. Yet ostentatious oligarchs with bottomless wallets, and the many craving for this status, are untroubled about splashing out on the bad taste bling on offer to those with more money than sense.article-1224138-06F35358000005DC-720_634x443.jpgThere are some signs that the recession is hitting - in 2007, a diamond-encrusted Mercedes took centre stage. This year Mercedes downgraded to a mere chrome-covered £300,000 Kamrus SLR 750.carr.jpgThe £1m bullet-proof SUV (but that's cheap compared to the vodka that comes with it) Burly security men prevented access to those without invitations or ready to stump up £30 for entry to see how the top one per cent live two decades after Russia ditched its 'everyone is equal' ideology for rollercoaster capitalism. Finally, though, with many Russians forced to tighten their belts, the sight of such conspicuous consumption has caused a reaction. There are those, like 29-year-old passer by Igor, who don't seem to know whether to laugh or cry when they see the wealth on display.article-1224138-06F14F31000005DC-377_634x409.jpgGold-plated furnitureHe points out: 'The whole world is still in the middle of a crisis. And such a lavish event in the centre of our capital - is that really necessary? 'But in Russia people have always loved glamour and luxury, and they like to show it off.' If you've got it, flaunt it. And if you haven't, dream that one day you might. As 22-year-old Olga said: 'Just look around here at the high-end real estate, the yachts, the horses over there that cost up to 200,000 euros. 'Here at the Millionaire Fair I can look at it, touch it, feel like I'm part of this luxury world myself.'article-1224138-06F407A2000005DC-946_634x854.jpgRecession? What Recession?

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