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What do YOU use?


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I've been trying to find a cracked Cubase for over a year! Cannot find one for the life of me!

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

Don't think it can be cracked due to the dongle protection

And the dudes that use 2 do it basically got paid by Steinberg(Cubase makers) NOT 2 crack it lol

If i remember correctly

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I tried to use a crack the other day woiuld not work even my old cubase wernt working might try load it up in xp mode if that dont work

gonna buy this


I want to know what will I be able to do as it is no where near the price of the standard version

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Just downloaded ableton, gonna see if i can get back into this shit

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Would you man see Fruity Loops is the best for beginners?

What else would I need with it, as far as VSTs, MIDIs, LFOs and other terms I'm not quite sure what they mean.

FL can do anything you want it to do. Incredibly powerful once you understand it in depth.

Easy to use sequencing playlist, patterns are easy to figure, automation easy as f*ck, loads of possibilities. Edison is a wicked audio editor, no need for external sample chopping.

Must have plugins IMO:

Tone2 Gladiator

Tone 2 Electra X

NI Komplete (expensive, but you can find it online. Good 80gig download. You get all the Native Instruments sh*t, Kontakt, Massive, FM8, tonnes of samples)

Rob Papen Subboombass

C Tuner (little useful freeware VST for detecting the pitch of samples)

Alicia's Keys pack for Kontakt

Use couple others but ain't jumped on for time. Good to see some producers here.


what for orchestra?


EQSL for me.


Also, Steinberg Virtual Guitarist is a must have. 


Is the mixer any good in FL10? I found it unhelpful in FL6 when I made the jump to Cubase. 




one of these torrents must be good for cubase, no? I'm sure I downloaded mine this way but can't say for sure which torrent. 

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