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Edge of Tomorrow (Tom Cruise Movie)

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Boy. I've just witnessed greatness.


The film combines time travel and action better than anything I've seen before. 


I like the selectiveness of what the film shows us - detail is revealed to us exactly when we need it, perfectly paced.


We wonder what happens on the days we don't see, or when we see something, if it's his first attempt, how many days this goes on for.


I also like how each day when he wakes up, how he acts with other people affects the relationships so drastically, similarly to the movie 50 First Dates, for want of a better reference. 


The attitude on Emily Blunt's character, and how she challenges/trains Tom Cruise' character is perfect. 


Really good to see a character develop while faced with the same situation. 


Combat is on point. character development and training mean there is steady progression with the action  :Y:


Had the right amount of humour to entertain briefly while not taking away from the seriousness. 


This film tops Elysium, Oblivion, After Earth, Ridd*ck, any of them recent sci fi action films. 


New Tom Cruise >>>>> old Tom Cruise, he's almost like a new actor, I have to disregard all my old negative views 


if we just count Jack Reacher, Oblivion [yes Oblivion wasn't great, but Tom Cruise in Oblivion] and Edge of Tomorrow, he's a good actor.


the way she casually kills him off had me in stitches in parts, and in others added to her seriousness as a character, well written/worked into the film.




Since he goes back to the beginning of the day every time, there's no risk to the character, it's like playing a video game with infinite lives


they do eventually end this, but prior to this, there's no feeling of him being at risk of it being ended

We don't get enough view of the enemy, as they are in combat as soon as they appear on screen. Would like to see one lurking at some point.


Would also like their origin and a look at what the humans know of their enemy. 

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@ Rsonist, yes, there's more to it than meets the trailer, which is always good. And yeh, better than the above films I compared it to.


Kept my interest throughout.


@ I'm Him, true it's set in London, I'd probably believe You, and I'd say that's all the more reason to watch it, and tell us Your thoughts.


But then I'd think You were talking about the Casualty star, and stop believing You


Lol @ her towering over Tom Cruise though. Tom Cruise stays short. 



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96% on rotten tomatoes, average rating 7.9


Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB>>>> Guardian when it comes to films


Same man that reviewed this gave Xmen a 3*, Lawless a 2* and American Hustle a 4*


Opinion voided

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