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  2. Rate him. Don't think he'd be a bad signing for ManU or Spurs. Can see him going abroad though.
  3. Sanchez>Rues Ozil>>Hazard Cesc>>>Santi easy to manipulate an argument i'd probably prefer Cesc and co bu tth is not cut and dried at all.
  4. If the topic was asking who the better signing was poster above would not be calling it dumb. Ozil is the answer btw
  5. What's sh*t about wanting the most intelligent and hardworking people? Do you have any thing tangible to suggest Oxbridge graduates have a stronger wortk ethic than graduates from other institutions or even non graduates? Intelligence is down to perception but yes if you are talking entry requirements strictly then Oxbridge students may be more 'intelligent'. You are coming across as both ignorant and foolish. Dumb nigga! congrats on the 150k
  6. Ozil is a player who makes life easier for team mates. Sanchez is an individual but a match winner. Luckily we don't need to choose.
  7. Chinese girls in England do not check for black men, mainly because they have good futures and careers and therefore will only mix with people in their circles. You average black man in the UK is wutless. It's not racist imo just circumstantial. I think a black man with a career and money could move up an oriental chick fairly easily but what for? they aren't even that special (yes all 1 billion of em!) With the injuns and other south asians it racism and culture but most hit a phase pf rebellion. Chopped a couple and again - not even that special.
  8. 26k and that allows me to do more than enough. No mortgage though cah that 10-15% ain't possible without sacrificing a lifestyle.
  9. It is out of the club but nonetheless Arsenal are doing business. Wenger has brought big in Jan before so hoping he'sgot something up his sleeve.
  10. He'd start for us over Arteta or Flamini
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