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  1. Watford wreaked havoc by not scoring but overall today was a good day.
  3. Any Gooner honestly feel Wenger can push us on?
  4. So was you asking for dancing tips?
  5. enough is enough, we aren't competing with this clown. He's fell off.
  6. And girls whine not man, are you a homosexual or something ffs
  7. Gayest topic in history. Are you Caucasian?
  8. Winston Reid Khedira January and Reus in the summer. Arsenal would be on things.
  9. Real niggas have them out of bed Telks.mface up against the wall but not too hard.
  10. Chambers, Akpom, Gnabry, Crowley, Zelalem
  11. Liverpool, Dortmund, Milan,Spurs, Forest. CUNTS
  12. Szczsney is far from shit very far fromit in fact he is a very good keeper unfortunately he plays for the wrong team. The way we play we need a keeper who has great distriibution and quick of his line to play as a keeper sweeper, a better stronger Fabianski is the type of keeper that Arsenal need and Ospina might be that. Szsczney would look much better at Chelsea or even Everton. As this is a transfer topic Arsenal need an energetic ball winner in mid and hopefully we go for one of the Madrid surplus players in Khedira or Illaramendi, we could also take a risk on Rabiot or Gundagon but it's hard to buy players in Jan.
  13. Arsenal scrapin wins vs a poor team, improvement on Saturday I supposes. Wenger needs to switch it up cah it's not working.
  14. Yeah I think they should play, clubs such appreciate the experience and be easy with them peer season and season start. England would actually have a very good under 21 team. What's the point in picking under 21s who are never going to feature for the full team?
  15. Oh the philosophy of beating kids. Where did you learn from bro? Not white women pal, don't try and be smart. Slave owners were men.
  16. Saying we aren't playing well and Wengers start would get him sacked elsewhere is trolling? Did c*nt.
  17. The "you have to wash meat" is a myth, unless you're gonna wash it in anti-biotic fluid. Bounty
  18. White chicks have crazy sex appeal but sadly most aren't domesticated and culturally do things to different such as not washing food properly, not believing in beating kids and not eating properly etc.
  19. 4th and last 16. We'll be selling top players if this bollocks continues. Wenger has lost it. How much clearer could it be that we are light at the back and lack steel in midfield? It's his fault.
  20. Enoughs enough, we've won 1 home game this season. Dogshite. Behind United already WOW. Sanchez and Santi deserve a better manager who can utilise their world class talents.
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